Ramón Ejeda and Nuria Blanco are proclaimed Madrid Triathlon Champions in the Canal de Isabel II Cup

The Championship of Madrid disputed the past 4 of September in the park of Juan Carlos I has had a numerous affluence of popular and federated triathletes.

Among the outstanding ones, we find, among others, Dani Rodríguez, Ricardo Hernández, Pedro Miguel Reig and Ramón Ejeda, who finally won the men's elite category and the Madrid Triathlon Championship after having a fantastic race on a circuit easy but hard enough.

Ejeda crossed the finish line in first position followed by Catalan Pedro Miguel Reig and Jordi Pascual, who did not score for the Championship. In this way, the Madrid podium was made up of Ramón Ejeda in the lead, ahead of Alberto González del Tri-Val de Valdemoro and his teammate, Pedro Lumbreras del Diablillos de Rivas.

According to Ramón Ejeda, he had a very good feeling even though at the beginning he was not quite comfortable, but little by little he has been entering the race. Now his next goal is the Spanish Championship in Vigo.

For her part, Nuria Blanco of the CTOA was proclaimed champion of Madrid and of the women's event, ahead of Anais Tommy Martin from Diablillos de Rivas and Mónica Ayerra from Armadillos. In this category there have been no changes in the Madrid podium, since the first three triathletes were licensed by that community. Now the next objective of Madrid's Nuria Blanco, is the Championship of Spain by autonomies of Melilla.

There are no previous results.

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