Shout with good feelings

Iván Raña wants to reach the London 2012 Games at the age of 33. He still does not have his place on track, so the results he achieves this season may be key for the Spanish triathlon pioneer to attend his fourth Olympic event. Last Saturday he set out for Australia with a competition plan similar to that of Gómez Noya. He will test himself on Saturday in Mooloolaba to face his first round of the World Championship in Sydney.

Later, Raña planned to fly to Japan to compete on April 17 in a World Cup event to which he is especially fond, that of Ishigaki. There he got his first big win in the international calendar in 2001.

José Miguel Pérez, Mario Mola and Ramón Ejeda accompany the orderly in this first great displacement. The former world champion spent a three-week training camp in Lanzarote last winter, to refine his preparation and enjoy better training conditions than those he finds in the rainy season in Galicia. He shared training with Ejeda, Ramón Santamaría and illustrious people like Rasmus Henning and Andrea D'Aquino.

Raña completed his work in the last few weeks at home. He shared some work sessions with his brother Antonio and Antón Ruanova and proclaimed his good feelings before starting to compete.

World champion and double European champion, Raña returned to triathlon last year after having a new experience in 2009 at Karpin Galicia as a professional cyclist. The order achieved his best result of 2010 precisely in the Mooloolaba event, in which he finished in seventh place.

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