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Raúl Amatriain, Balance 2014 and 2015 objectives

"My main objective is not to lose sight of who I am and what I am doing here, something fundamental to not stop enjoying with all this "

Now that we are starting the season we wanted to talk to Raúl Amatriain to take stock of the 2014 and tell us its objectives for the 2015

-You have already started the new season with the first trainings, but tell us, what has been your analysis of the 2014 season?

I have already started the new season, although this year I am a little behind and I started now in December. It has not been for any problem, but because I have been on vacation November, so I come with batteries to the fullest.

The evaluation of the 2014 season is positive, I am not complaining, although I really believe that I can give more. But I think that from seasons like mine last year you learn a lot, more than when everything is perfect.

There are two quite marked parts, until July and the rest. I started very well winning the Spain Duathlon LD Championship and a first part of the season quite good, especially in duathlon. I went to the Spanish Championship to help the team and I ended up getting into the World of Pontevedra, which allowed me to retaliate a bit of the previous one I was in Gijón.

As for triathlons I did good races in Elche and Calella, especially swimming and running. In the Cpto España MD in Ecotrimad I took the surprise of getting on podium, something I did not expect, because I really got very fair of strength.

In July I had planned to make a break, but then it was hard to start. I started training, but my body and my head did not ask me to crush, but to do sports, but without competing. I tried Logroño and decided to stop, since I did not enjoy it and it did not make much sense to continue that way. You have to know how to listen to the body and that's what I did.

I felt a little sorry because I could not be in a triathlon that I really wanted, such as Ribadesella, Menorca ... and especially in Lanzarote, not only because of me, but because I think I failed the team a little, not going to run. In any case, the trikis as always gave the callus and managed to win the Spain LD Team Championship, something important for us. Seeing it now I think I did the right thing, it has been good for me, I am motivated and eager.

What has been the best time you stay with this 2014? And the worst?

The best moments are not linked to victories or positions. I consider myself lucky in that sense because I always move accompanied and the best moments are linked to those trips, to the laughter we throw, to talks ... all this would not be the same without Gorka, Jaione, my parents, Iñigo, Murci, the trikis …

As for the sport, perhaps the Cpto Spain Duathlon LD and the classification for the World Duathlon of Pontevedra, because it was something that really did not expect.

There is no particular moment that you remember as bad. Perhaps the worst memory I have of last year is the impotence that I felt in Pontevedra during the race, seeing that people did not pass to the relay for nothing. Each one makes his career, that's clear, but I do not understand that way of racing always reserving.

Raúl Amatriain

Your points that you think you should improve?

What I have to improve I have very clear, I think that these last two years I have not given the level by bike, especially last year.

It's my fault, but my body asked me to go for a bike ride, not to train in conditions and then I think I lacked spark in the race. It's normal, I did not put in a day series and that shows. So the challenge for this year is to recover my bike level, at least walk what I think I can walk.

In the water and the race on foot you always have to try to improve, but last year I already ran as I think I can run and swimming was pretty good.

Objectives for 2015:

As always the main thing is not to lose sight of who I am and what I am doing here, something fundamental to not stop enjoying with all this.

At the sport level, it will be a bit similar to last year's I will run in Orihuela and then I'll do some duathlon, putting the Spain Time Trial Championship by teams and the individual. Starting at the end of April, I will start with the triathlons, although I have not yet decided the calendar, closing the first part of the season with the Championship Spain Triathlon MD in Valencia and the Ribadesella Triathlon

From here, a bit of San Fermines and back to train for the second part of the season, still to be defined.

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