Raúl Amatriain, Spain Champion LD 2011 and 2012 Subchampion, confirms his presence in Challenge VITORIA

Raúl Amatriain is presented today as one of the best triathletes of the Medium and Long Distance At the national level, with only 4 Long Distance tests within his sporting history the Navarrese triathlete has already achieved the title of Champion of Spain LD in the 2011 y SubCampeón in the 2012. A triathlete who transmits perfectly the values ​​of the sport living from within and trying to enjoy each training and competition alone or accompanied and much better if in competition, always wrapped up with his fellow "fatigue" and an unbeatable fan club.



"Compete in Euskadi is something special, environment lived last year in Vitoria was something difficult to match, a whole city overturned with the Triathlon. I have very good memories of 2012 and this year I have not hesitated to repeat experience "


"My main objective has always been to enjoy all this, and from here everything that comes is well received. For me it has been a bit of a surprise and extra motivation at the same time to see that I can fight with so much crack and be at this level. Last year I made my debut in the distance LD in Calella and it's the race where I've enjoyed the most and the most I've learned from my life, so this year it was clear that I wanted to repeat the experience CHALLENGE. From here the body will dictate a little the rest of the season, I always want to give my best"


"Even though the winter has been hard and the bike training has complicated a bit, now I am in a good moment and in good shape and I think I can do a good race. Analyzing the routes a bit, and despite the fact that my strong point is the race on foot, the bike circuit suits me well because of its profile. I am aware that we must not forget that we are talking about a race of a lot of hours, where anything can happen. I have always said that I have a lot of respect towards this distance, something that seems to be being lost lately ... any detail or mistake such as food, hydration ... can change the course of the race "


"My strong point of the three disciplines within the physical part has always been the race on foot, although if something I learned last year in my first experience CHALLENGE, is that it's a mental race: if something has hooked me from this distance, clearly it has been the inner struggle "


"Challenge Vitoria it is a race to enjoy for its environment and its routes. I always give the best of me, forgetting about times, posts ... I like to suffer in the tests and give what I have and that will take me to the position that corresponds to me in the classification. My only goal is to arrive knowing that I have given everything, and this, prioritizing it even at the end of the time, is what really makes me feel really satisfied at the end of a competition "


"I know the city of Vitoria, it is close to home and I have been many times, both visiting and competing ... I know the route of the World Championship last year and I have not hesitated for a moment to take part again in this spectacular circuit that I believe which is perfect for a test of this type: swimming in the swamp is a joy, the bike circuit is typical of this area, with steep slopes, a quiet area with good landscapes and that can be done very hard if the air enters and the race through the spectacular city of Vitoria. All this together with a team of I work as a Challenge is a guarantee, so I just have to spend a good day and enjoy the test "


A luxury to be able to count on the presence of Raúl Amatriain, which is presented in this way as one of the clear candidates for the podium in this spectacular event that will take place next 28 July en Vitoria in its first edition CHALLENGE, a test with a spectacular circuit that promises to give much to talk about.


More information http://www.challenge-vitoria.com/

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