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Raúl Amatriain wins the second edition of the Triathlon Festival Ribadesella

The sprint, olympic and middle distance events have been held in the town of Asturiana de Ribadesella

The winner of the test has been Raúl Amatriain followed by Fernando Barroso and Gorka Bizkarra in third position

The test started at 9 am, the triathlete from Navarra trikideak jump out at 3ª position of the swimming sector and took his bike to face the harsh 90 kms of cycling, in the first round of cycling Raul Amatriain took the head of the race and left back quickly to that until then was the leader of the test the Extremadura Paquillo Fernandez.

Raul, who managed to achieve a great difference with the other cyclist sector, has come down to run with a good income, which has made him face the race on foot with guarantees not to force too much to cross the finish line in first position, still and everything has marked the best partial on foot.

An authentic weekend of sport and spectacle that promises to attract a great audience fans who will come to enjoy this unique Triathlon, where they can also visit the Stand Triathlon Festival and theTriathlon Festival Music, being Saturday night when the triathlete will be able to rest from the intense day enjoying the coastal town of Ribadesella

1º Raul amatriain (saltoki trikideak) ............... 4h, 17

2º fernando barroso (academia el civil) ......... .4h, 24

3º gorka bizkarra (triatlon santander) ............ .4h, 28

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photo: @A300w


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