Miquel Blanchart makes a historic comeback in the Marathon of the Ironman of Lanzarote

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The Skechers athlete covered the 2 race segment on foot: 45: 35, a brand new in the test that earned him to make a spectacular comeback and finish the tough insular triathlon in seventh place.

Miquel Blanchart, athlete Skechers, was one of the protagonists of last weekend in Lanzarote to get enter the top 10 of triathletes of the XXVII edition of the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote, test queen of the Spanish triathlon and the oldest Ironman in Europe, with a final time of 09: 08: 34.

However, it will be su performance on foot which will go down in the history of the test, having achieved something that nobody had achieved so far. The Catalan, from 34 years, who completed the aquatic segment of Playa Grande in ninth position (00: 51: 39) and got off the bike in the sixteenth position (05: 26: 09), got a legendary comeback in the career segment with an incredible brand, 02:45:35, an unpublished record that makes him one of the runners fastest in the history of the test. The record has it Gerrit Schellens with a time of 2:44:29 achieved in the year 2005

In this XXVII edition of the very hard Iroman of Lanzarote, only another runner has managed to get off the 2 hours and 50 minutes in the marathon, the Belgian Diego Van Looy (02: 48: 46), while the top two finishers, Italian Alessando De Gasperi and Spaniard Iván Raña, completed the segment on foot in 02:54:22 and 02:56:38 respectively, a far cry from the time of the Skechers athlete.

With his spectacular time of 02: 45: 35, the Sabadell triathlete has also surpassed the record that De Gasperi signed in his 2015 victory (02: 47: 15) and the one he achieved himself in 2014 (02: 48: 12) , when he got the second place behind the Frenchman Romain Guillaume. In 2013, Blanchart also got the silver in the Ironman of Lanzarote, behind the German Faris Al-Sultan.

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