We analyze the Half and Full routes of the EPIC TRIATHLON

On May 25-26, 2024, the third edition of EPIC Triathlon, a reference sporting event in Half distance that this year will also incorporate the FULL distance which will be the Spanish Long Distance Championship.

“EPIC triathlon is a test with spectacular circuits and an organization of 10, where I have also been able to enjoy the high level that exists in the middle distance in Spain” Javi Gómez Noya declared when he reached the finish line in the Half distance last September where he was proclaimed champion with a time of 3:39:48

This event stands out for its comfortable swimming in Mediterranean waters, its safe circuits closed to traffic in the cycling segment and its fast, completely flat foot race that runs almost entirely along the seafront.

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Check the routes here: https://epictriathlon.es/recorridos-fullyhalf/


It will take place on the beach that bathes Oropesa del Mar in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The circuit will be 1 lap of 1.900 meters for the Half distance, without going too far from the coast and mostly having a route parallel to the promenade, and 2 laps until completing 3.800 meters for the Full distance with the same characteristics as the average distance.

  • FULL 3.800m 2 turns of 1.900m
  • HALF: 1.900ma 1 turn


The cycling segment will be 2 laps of 43 km each and 350m of positive gradient for the Half distance and 3 laps of 60 km each and 450m of positive gradient for the Full distance, completely closed.

“We have prioritized the safety of the triathlete above all, the best option has been to include a closed circuit with 2 laps in Half distance, and 3 laps in Full distance, to guarantee doing it in completely closed traffic and with exhaustive controls at each of the intersections” Héctor de la Cagiga, director of the company organizing the event, told us “We want the triathlete to feel safe and come enjoy, it is our top priority”

  • FULL: 180 km and 1.275m D+ (3 laps of 60km and 425m D+)
  • HALF: Km and 700m D+ (2 laps of 43Km and 350m D+)

In addition, as they cross the finish line, the triathletes will be able to enjoy the fans where, in addition to the general public, they will find their friends, family or club mates who will be cheering them on every lap, while replenishing their energy at the different refreshment stations.

Full distance cycling
Full distance cycling
Half distance cycling
Half distance cycling


An authentic triathlon party.

For the 2024 edition, EPIC Triathlon already has more than 1.000 triathletes confirmed in the same weekend between its 4 distances: Sprint and Olympic that will be held on Saturday and Half and Full that will take place on Sunday.

  • FULL: 42km: 4 laps of 10.5km. FLAT course
  • HALF: 21Km: 2 laps of 10.5 km. FLAT course

For both medium and long distance, the EPIC Triathlon running race will be completely flat and will have 2 laps of 10,5 km for the Half distance and 4 laps of 10.5 km for the Full distance, running almost entirely along the promenade. maritime of the town.


And EPIC Triathlon will not cease to surprise you, upon arrival at the finish line you will be able to enjoy an exclusive post-finish area where every detail has been taken care of for the triathlete.

EPIC Triathlon thinks about every detail, and not only about the best provisioning for the post-finish area, but also about those athletes who have some type of intolerance and/or are vegan or vegetarian, to offer them a tailored “menu”, in addition to being enlivened by live music.

More info and inscriptions: https://epictriathlon.es/

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