Do you know the regulation that you have to follow the accompanying car of a group of cyclists?

The regulation of the DGT requires cars that accompany cyclists to meet a series of requirements



The signaling of the car is mandatory from the 23 of July of 2010 and indicates the next circulation of cyclists to the rest of the circulation.


1 Indicates the upcoming circulation of cyclists.

2 Vehicles must be carried at all times when they only circulate in function and service of accompaniment to the circulation of cyclists.

3 It will be placed in the upper part of the accompanying vehicle, vertically and held in such a way as to avoid the risk of falling. It will be installed as an additional supplementary element (movable).

4 This signal will have the signal P-22 inscribed on the left and the word CYCLISTS on the right, its dimensions, color, content and technical characteristics having to be adjusted to what is indicated below:


cyclists escort car regulations


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