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The FETRI 2023 Competition Regulations have been published

The Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) has published the 2023 edition of the Competition Regulations.

The FETRI Competitions Department, together with the different Committees and legal counsel have made the necessary adaptations in recent weeks to have the document ready at the beginning of the season.

major developments

Among the most significant changes in the regulations for the 2023 season, the following stand out:

  • It regulates the Gravel Triathlon and Duathlon modality in their standard and MD distances
  • Athletes They will not be able to remove their hats until they enter the transition zone.
  • Cycling through the transition zone will suppose a disqualification
  • Athletes they will not be able to touch the helmet fastening mechanism until the bike is not fully rested on the stand
  • Different aspects related to the chip timing in some competitions
  • Who can have power to modify results is updated
  • Se regulates the sanction of time to comply in the place of the infraction
  • It regulates in more detail the right of appeal
  • The regulation is regulated inappropriate behavior in the cycling segment as well as the sanctions to be applied, in line with what happens with inappropriate behavior in the swimming segment. This implies that Elite competitions must incorporate one or two motorcycles that are in charge of monitoring the behavior in the cycling segment.
  • Compensation factors for PTWC and PTVI classes are adjusted
  • A post transition area after the first transition and before the assembly line so that athletes can deposit the prosthetic legs if they do not wish to cover the long transition distance to jumps. A technical official/a person authorized by the TD will transfer said equipment to the place assigned to the athlete in the transition area. The equipment will be clearly identified with the athlete's bib number
  • It is regulated for certain team competitions (only Spanish Championships), the possibility of having a bike change area greater than the change of wheels, and that it will work in the same way as the change of wheel
  • In the competitions that are determined in the Regulatory Bases, an area will be enabled so that athletes can change the bike during the competition. The bicycles will be deposited in the place enabled in the competitions by duly accredited club technicians. Bicycles will be duly identified indicating the name of the club. The Bicycle Change Area will be supervised by an Official assigned to that area, which will be the same as for the change of wheels / "Wheel Stop"; the athlete is the only person authorized to make the change(s) of bicycle(s). External aid is not allowed

You can check in the following link the FETRI 2023 Competition Regulations

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