Published the Rules of Competition for the 2018 season

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The Spanish Triathlon Federation has published the 2018 edition of the Competition Regulations, once the International Triathlon Federation (ITU) did the same at the end of 2017.

The FETRI Competitions Department, together with the different Committees and the legal counsel have made the necessary adaptations in the last weeks to have the document ready at the beginning of the season

Between the most significant changes, they stand out:

Greater clarification in what are external aid, what is allowed and what is not

• In the Elite / Sub23 Spain Championships, all the signature process, registration, etc .; simplifying procedures for athletes; but there is a important change in terms of delayed departures, since an athlete can receive a sanction for time, which makes you leave behind the official exit

• Refering to uniformity, and especially in front of the athletes of Age Groups, all the regulation is much simpler

• The obligatory of dorsal during the cycling segment

• The whole procedure of sanctions It has been revised in a way that is more guarantee for athletes, and it is clearly specified that they must be contacted and thecorrectly published

• The sanctions for drafting may not be appealed

• In the swimming, All sanctioning procedure, for irregularities during swimming it is clearly picked up so that it avoid situations of conflict during this segment

• Clarifies the difference between uniforms, leather suits and neoprene wetsuits

• The most important change in cycling is the authorization to use disc brakes in any modality

• It clearly specifies the regulation when carrying out water analyzes

• The whole procedure of claims and appeals has been reviewed, like that of sanctions, to be more guarantee for athletes, increasing deadlines and reviewing procedures

• In Medium and Long Distance, everything that implies the particularity of these competitions has been collected,or transition zones with bags, special refreshments, etc.

• At Paratriathlon everything has been based on new classes, which are 11 in total, and as the most important data the adjustment in the compensation factors

• At Cross, the compulsory bicycle license plate, and the possibility of special needs is included

Circular Rules Competition 2018


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