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Historical comeback of Fernando Alarza to be Sub European Champion

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With a spectacular race on foot Alarza traces more than 1 minute in the race on foot and finishes in second position. The victory has been for the Frenchman Pierre Le Corre

After the test disputed yesterday where we saw a recital of the Swiss Nicola Spirig, today the men's event of the Triathlon European Championship in the Scottish city of Glasgow

The test was played on Olympic distance, with 1.500m of swimming (2 turns of 750m in the lake of Strathclyede), 40k of cycling (6 turns to a circuit of 6,67 km) and 10km of running race (3 turns to a circuit of 3,3km).

Fernando Alarza, Vicente Hernández, Antonio Serrat y Uxío Abuín They have been our representatives in the test

The race started at 5 in the afternoon with the 1.500 meters of swimming where Richard Varga, one of the best swimmers of the circuit, led the segment at all times the first water came out of a group of 9 where they were Alistair Brownlee and Pierre Le Corre, The persecuting group left to 20 seconds with Fernando Alarza, Vicente Uxío Abuin and Antonio Serrat

In cyclist cycling as is usual in all the events in which he participates, the British Alistair Brownlee took the lead pulling the group, although the group began to make good relays to be increasing the difference on the persecuting group with the Spaniards who increased to 50 seconds in the first round, Vicente Hernandez spent a little more behind in a later group while Uxío very late to finally retire from the competition.

After the 6 lap to the circuit the group head was increasing the advantage to arrive in head the XX German who attacked in the last lap the T2 with 1: 12 second of advantage over the group of Fernando Alarza, who had to assume the leadership without much collaboration from the rest of the triathletes.

In the tough race segment Le Corre and Van Riel came out very fast in the transition leaving alone while Brownlee was third in search of the duet, to finally reach them in the first climb to the circuit. A little less than two laps the French attacked leaving off the hook Alistair Browlee and leaving for the victory with Van Riel.

Fernando Alarza in a spectacular race was climbing positions to surpass and put third to Alistair Browlee. In the passage through the last lap, only 22 separated the head of the race

Upon realizing that they had so close to Fernando, Pierre Le runs attacked leaving Marten Van Riel, while Alarza tried to cut differences with respect to the Belgian reaching less than 1 kilometer to the end

Finally the French Pierre Le runs got the final victory in a 1 time: 47: 17, followed by Fernando Alarza (1: 47: 28) and for Marten Van Riel (1: 47: 40) occupying the third final position

news_08_fernando-alarza-podium-championship-europa-2018 Historical comeback of Fernando Alarza to be Sub European Champion News Triathlon

Fernando dedicated this career to his wife because today he learned that I was going to be Father for the first time. From Triathlon News we wish you the best!

noticias_08_clasificacion-campeoanto-europa-triathlon-2018 Historical comeback of Fernando Alarza to be Sub European Champion News Triathlon

As for the rest of Spanish Antonio Serrat it was 29º and Vicente Hernández 45º while Uxío Abuín He retired in the cycling segment.

Tomorrow will be the turn of mixed relays, where Spain will participate in the test.

Photo :: ITU

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