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Results of the analysis of the swimming area of ​​the Tokyo Olympic Games

The water temperature is set to 30.8º C

The ITU has published the analysis result that they did in the Tokyo Test in the Odaiba Marine Park, the area where open water and triathlon competitions will be played.

The test revealed that except for 1 day during the 7 and August 18, dates on which several test events were held in Tokyo, the underwater screens that have been implemented have reduced the amount of coliforms and bacteria Eterococci leaving them within the limits set by sports federations.

In the outer zone, if the levels exceeded these limits for 4 days due to heavy rains.

Water temperature, 30.8º C

During the time the analyzes were performed, no temperature was recorded higher than 30.8º, with 0.8º being higher in the interior of the screens than in the exterior

In 2020, triple layer screens will be used

Tokyo 2020 plans to deploy triple layer underwater screens during the Tokyo 2020 Games to ensure that conditions are even better than with these screens used in this analysis

Summary of the results.

Period during which the screens were installed (August 7 - August 18)

  • Faecal coliforms - E. coli
  • Due to the effects of the rain on August 14 and 15, the levels agreed during the August 15 and 18 outside the protected area were exceeded
  • Within the selected areas, the levels were within the limits agreed on every day, with the exception of the August 17.


  • Within the agreed limits on all selected points during the entire period of the analysis.

Measures to ensure water quality and temperature in 2020

  • Installation of triple screens.
  • Operation of underwater screens to prevent the increase in water temperature.
  • Allow underwater screens to close and open in good weather.

Will the time of the competitions advance?

Triathlon tests (men, women and mixed relay) are considered to begin one hour before what is currently stipulated

The IOC, ITU and Tokyo 2020 are debating for the approval of this measure at the IOC Executive Board in December.

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