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Castellón closes 2 unrepeatable days of popular triathlon with the MTRI

The weekend started on Friday afternoon in Castellón and was prepared with the delivery of numbers in advance, so that the participants could enjoy Spain's victory against Germany in the Euro Cup, and the official presentation in full village, led by the Councilor for Sports, Maica Hurtado, and the Councilor for Tourism, Arantxa Miralles, to experience the great festival of the popular Castellón triathlon.

And is that MTRI Castellon It is the great triathlon event in the city, the second largest in the Valencian Community, followed by MTRI València.

With distances for everyone, highlighting its nature as a popular competition, suitable for those who do not know the sport and want to start from scratch.

The weather respected the departures on both days, especially on Sunday, in which after the nighttime rains, the day was overcast, with clouds, and swimming became the least desired segment for the participants due to the waves and currents derived from The rain.

Despite this, the brave men of the Olympic distance, nearly 400 people on the second day, overcame the 1.500 m swim in 2 laps, going out to the sand to re-enter the water, and got on the bike to complete the 40km of cycling, which would be followed by the 10km of running.

Without a doubt, the rain the night before served to refresh the morning and be able to cover that queen distance of the triathlon without the heat typical of this time of year.

The first day brought great results for the participants. The great reception of supersprint and sprint, in individual and pair formats, with triathletes coming from all communities: Catalonia, Madrid, Murcia, Castilla La Mancha, Basque Country, Andalusia or Aragon, the test even included participants from the Balearic Islands and Tenerife.

Nearly 800 people competed on Saturday in Castellón and more than 300 participants did so in pairs. A format that is becoming the star registration of Mediterránea Triathlon.

Both days ended with a post-goal in which no detail was lacking, with the traditional Valencian paella, drinks and sweets and the seedless watermelon of MTRI 2024, Bouquet de Anecoop.

Brands in the expo area and additional services for the triathlete, such as massages and a mechanic prior to the competition, completed the artificial grass at the Javier Marquina del Grao Soccer Field in Castellón.

Sprint distance podium

Masculine and feminine

  1. Jesús Bergua – CDT Resistentia T3 and Esther Ramos – CT Las Rozas
  2. Miguel Benito – CT Tritones Rioja and Clara Royo – CEA Bétera
  3. Pablo Sospedra – CT Castellón and María Segarra – CT Castellón

Supersprint distance podium

Masculine and feminine

  1. Manuel Prada – CT Tritrail Castelló de la Plana and Raquel Ballester – A7 Triatló Law
  2. Álvaro Sabater – Triatló Algemesí and Aroa Sáez – Non-Federated
  3. Ancor González – Stadium Casablanca Mapei and Carla Cubo – Non-Federated

Olympic distance podium

Masculine and feminine

  1. Diego Aisa – Estudener Triathlon Europe and Blanca Salvador – CDT Resistentia T3
  2. Juan Ricardo Catalá Maso – Castellón Triathlon Club and Irene Sánchez – BCNMAD Triathlon
  3. David Sánchez Calixto – DSC Triathlon and Bull Project Triathlon


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Next appointment Valencia

Mediterranean Triathlon 2024 continues now with MTRI Valencia on September 14 and 15. The test has registration open until September 8 and already has more than 1.200 registered in all modalities of the competition.

To the popular competition that will be held in Valencia in the surroundings of La Marina de València, will be added the Triathlon World Cup as well as the celebration of Spanish Championship of Paralympic Triathlon and Spanish Inclusive Triathlon Championship.

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