Results of all Spanish triathletes in Kona

Julen Díez was the only one to get on the podium, 3º in 18-24 and Xavier Torrades was the best of all age groups with a 9 time: 04: 52. 

After the great race lived in the PRO category with the triumphs and records of Daniela Ryf yPatrick Lange, we will make an analysis of the results of all the Spanish participants in the World Cup Hawaii Ironman. 

In PRO category Javier Gómez Noya already been 11º, with a goal time of 8: 11: 41 which is the best Spanish brand of all time in Kona. Ivan Raña has occupied the 25ª square with 8: 27: 52 thanks to a great comeback in the race on foot. Finally we must highlight the great race made by Gurutze Frades who despite losing many options in the T1 to have lost the bag of the transition has managed to stay calm and fight to the end achieving the 24ª square.

As regards the age groups, we already advanced it in our previous one. Who shines and achieves slot in Lanzarote ... is a candidate to compete with the best in Kona. Clear example of this is Julen Díez, who in Lanzarote devastated in his age group 18-24 and in Kona he debuted by the big door climbing to the podium in the 3ª position and a time of 9: 07: 24.

El best Spanish in goal has been Xavier Torrades with 9: 04: 52. As regards positions in their age groups there have been three top10. Julen Díez 3º in 18-24, Josep Marín 9º in 65-69 and Josu Allica 10º in 45-49.

Xavier, Julen, Josep and Josu achieved their slots in the Ironman of Lanzarote. We must also highlight the performance of Rafa Lao (9: 06: 22) and Jose Arranz (9: 08: 33), the other Spaniards with Julen and Xavier in downloading from 9: 10.

As regards the female category, only Juana Criado could be finisher becoming the most veteran Spanish to do so, with a goal time of 13: 47: 15 and being the 35 in her age group.

Finally we want to send a lot of encouragement and a big hug to both Iván Alvarez as Leonor Font. They have been the only Spaniards who have not been able to be finishers. Leonor could not even take the start because of an illness and Ivan had to leave after three punctures. We hope to see you again soon in the Mecca of the world triathlon.

Results of all Spanish age groups:

Results of the Spanish at Ironman Kona 2018


Photo: Spanish people in Kona 2017

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