"CHALLENGE 52IM" The ultrafondista Ricardo Abad completed his 12IM this weekend

In order to complete a total of 52 long distance triathlons during this 2013, each one corresponding to each week of the year, the Navarrese triathlete made this weekend his Twelfth Ironman which started at the 9.13 in the morning in Tafalla to continue the cycling segment in the direction of Logroño and finish the stretch of the race on foot in the city of Burgos.



After a hard fight with the wind and cold, which delayed the 180km of the segment 8h 25 minutes, the test did not end until the 2.30 at dawn, with a total of 14h37m, once completed the ultrafondista made the following statements and demanding the Ironman completed this weekend, it will take many years to forget what I had to suffer to get to Burgos and complete this 12 IM, 8h25 m of suffering with great physical and psychological wear to complete the cycling segment. "


However, not even the extreme hardness of this route has been able to overcome the inner satisfaction that the Navarrese triathlete offers to be able to complete this solidary challenge "The challenge is still alive and the illusion goes high"


Ricardo Abad will compete in an official test next April 13 at the TriSur of Seville, then in the Ironcat in addition the next 19 of May in the IronMan Lanzarote, A great example of overcoming.


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