Rhonex Kipruto beats the 10.000-meter world record in Valencia's 10 K with 26:24

This time confirms that Valencia is one of the fastest places in the world to run.

The Kenyan athlete  Rhonex Kipruto has beaten the r10.000-meter world record en route in the 10K Valencia Ibercaja of 2020.

The athlete, with a spectacular career, has set the new world record in 10.000 meters in a 26 time: 24, downgrading the previous 26:38 mark achieved by josua Cheptegei, also in Valencia last year

This time means running at an average of 2:38 min / km at 22 km / h

He has also broken the world record in 5.000 meters with 13:18

As for the record of 5.000 meters, it has also beaten has been go through kilometer 5 with 13 time: 18. This record is not official, although it is the fastest passage through the distance

This time means running at an average of 2:40 min / km at 22 km / h

In addition, the European record has also been broken in a race that adds to the records that were beaten in the Half Marathon and the Marathon, confirming Valencia as one of the fastest places in the world to run.

This Kipruto record is the great success for the 10k in Valencia, which this year has also achieved the registration record with more than 14.400 runners

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