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Ricardo Abad completes the 42 km by swimming

Ricardo has had to give close to 19.000 strokes to complete the 42 km swim in a pool of 25 meters.


The ultrafondista navarro Ricardo Abad, got yesterday his new challenge, complete a marathon in a pool, where he has invested a total time of 15 hours and 19 minutes.

As he comments on his social networks "I was facing something unknown and with little preparation, only two months before the 100 Ironman. It was a very risky challenge. The physical work was great and the psychological brutal, for me it was the greatest attraction of this challenge, working on mental capacity and that's how it was."

88 swimmers accompanied him in his challenge, adding a total of 225 kilometers that will involve a donation of 2.250 € to a foundation.

Ricardo is already known to all of us, since two months ago he completed the challenge of doing 100 Ironmans in a year, besides running 52 Ironman in 52 weeks and 607 marathons in 607 days

What will be the next challenge for Ricardo Abad?

Photo: Navarre News

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