Ricardo Abad, initiates in the Ironman of Lanzarote his challenge to do 8 Ironman in eight consecutive days

In 2011 he broke the Guinness record by completing 366 consecutive marathons



Ricardo Abad, (Tafalla, 1971) sponsored Lurbel since this year and one of the national references in ultrafondism, tomorrow begins a challenge worthy of a few: 8 Ironman on 8 consecutive days. The challenge will begin when the Lanzarote Ironman begins, cataloged as one of the toughest in the world, and from there, the challenge is to complete an Ironman on this route every day until Saturday 30 May.

In the words of Abbot himself, the magnitude of this heroic initiative goes beyond the limits of any imagination for two reasons: "It also means surpassing my current Ironman record on consecutive days, since what I have done the most is five, keep adding up to achieve the 2015 objective of overcoming the 100 ", says Ricardo, and adds: "This challenge of overcoming 100 Ironman will be the first project of the Fundación Retos Solidarios Ricardo Abad (www.fundacionricardoabad.org)".

Riki, as he is known in his closest circle, is a man who is going to the most unlikely challenges, so at the beginning of May and preparatory to Lanzarte conducted an Ironman in static in which in addition to the Static bike and treadmill, he performed the swimming segment in a pool four meters long by two wide and one meter deep. However, this static Ironman also had a solidarity fund to collect funds for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.


Ricardo Abad, became popularly known in our country the 2011 when he surpassed the 365 marathons on consecutive days and left the record in 607 marathons in 607 days. In 2013 he completed a total of 52 Ironman (one per week).


The sport discipline Ironman carries implicitly a sporting deed of a very high demand that combines 3,86Km of swimming, 180Km of cycling and 42,2Km of running race. So far this year Ricardo has 23 Ironman completed. 

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