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Riki Abad will look for the double Marathon des Sables + Titan Desert

Navarre ultafondista Riki Abad will try to do the doublet of being a finisher in the Marathon des Sables and the Titan Desert, two of the hardest tests of resistance that are disputed by running and BTT respectively.

Within 10 days begins one of the most exciting sports challenges of Riki Abad, to be finisher in the same season of two of the hardest and most emblematic events, the Marathon of Sables and Titan Desert, both are disputed in Morocco, In full desert, where sand and extreme temperatures are the main characteristics of both.

From the 6 to the 16 in April, the 33 edition of the Marathon of Sables one hardest races in the world. The competition itself consists of 7 stages (from 8 to 14 in April) in which runners must cover a distance of approximately 250 km. Six of the stages have a distance between 25 and 50 km, while the queen stage is around 80 km.

One of the main characteristics of this test is that it is self-sufficient so each runner must bring their own food, sleeping bag and other items in a backpack last all stages.

Riki abad at the marathon des sables

Riki Abad, triathlete Skechers, will use the Skechers Go Trail for the Marathon of Sables, as he already published in his social networks, to which he has sewn a velcro on the sole where he will later place the gaiter and thus prevent his feet from filling him of sand.

Skechers RIki ABad shoes

Once the Maraton des Sables is finished, 13 days later will start the Titan Desert, from the 29 from April to the 4 for May, a MTB competition by stages with the philosophy of the Dakar Rally. The test consists of 6 stages, in which the participants travel more than 600km with almost 8000 m of positive slope.

The first three stages are characterized by being the most mountainous, with more than 5000m of unevenness between the three, the second and third of them are also stages "marathon" that is, the participants must take the exit with everything necessary to pass the night without assistance or help of any kind. The second block of the Titan goes deeper into the desert, with the last three stages with less slope but with the hardness of the dunes. In addition the 5ª stage is without track, the "titans" will have to orient themselves to pass the 4 control points and the 3 hydration stations until reaching the goal.

 Photos: Instagram Riki Abad

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