Robert Marchand at 108 years old continues to play sports at home

All an example of love for sports

The beloved French cyclist Robert Marchand, is known for having achieved several world records in the category of over 100 years.

In 2017 he managed to beat his own brand, completing 22,547 kilometers in one hour on his bicycle.

In an interview published in the newspaper Lepoint, they explain how he is and how he faces the confinement that France is suffering.

At 108 years old, he has experienced several health crises and lives the current period with philosophy

In the interview they comment: «He's busy: he's still pedaling a little bit every day on his roller. 

In the morning, she does some gymnastics and walks a lot in her apartment. Tour your rooms, go from your bedroom to your living room to stay active. Nothing stops it. "

However, the health of the former champion, who is now 108 years old, is under surveillance. A few days ago, Robert commented that he was having trouble breathing, although he was tested and everything was fine.