Roberto Sánchez Mantecón Champion of the Valencian Community of Sprint Triathlon

In the women's category the victory went to Yaiza Sáiz

The town of Alicante held its first triathlon competition last Saturday afternoon, the I Benissatlo.

A test in sprint distance (750m-20.3km-5.2km) that aroused great interest in the population, in which all the institutions were involved to publicize every corner of Benissa.

The competition started with the premise of the double transition, so the triathletes appreciated the afternoon session to be able to better manage the withdrawal of the bib number as well as the delivery of material.

From 10:XNUMX in the morning the triathletes approached the town. The test, integrated into the Provincial Circuit Diputación de Alicante, It began at 16.00:XNUMX p.m. from Playa de la Fustera, to which the athletes would be transferred by bus.

The finish line and trophy delivery area was located in Parque Dolor Piera. The competition was also Regional Sprint and Junior Triathlon Championship.

158 triathletes competed in the competition in men's and women's starts.

The first to jump into the sea in what would be the last triathlon test of the 2022 season were the boys.

The UA Triathlon team, led by Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, the international triathlete and undoubtedly the favorite in this I Benissatló, came out ready to win the regional podium.

However, the exit of the water showed that the competition partners would not make it easy for him.

Eduardo Blanco from CT Albacete would come out of the water first, 25″ ahead of Sánchez Mantecón, who would come out accompanied, 2″ behind his teammate, Miguel Benito Castellanos.

In the transition the positions were maintained, but without a doubt the segment was led by the international triathlete, getting into the podium equation Guillem Segura from Saltoki Trikideak, who would finish 3rd in cycling.

In the foot race, the Saltoki triathlete lost positions in favor of Sergio Moreno from CT Las Rozas, who was reserved to score the second best partial of the foot race, after Sánchez Mantecón, to finish 2nd on the test podium. It would be 3rd, the CT Albacete triathlete, Eduardo Blanco.

The dynamics of competition in the women's category were repeated, with Yaiza Sáiz coming out of the water first, like her partner Roberto Sánchez, followed this time by Patricia Rico from CEA Bétera, and Mencía Padilla from UA Triathlon.

They were closely followed by the 2 CEA Bétera triathletes, Encarna Cabrera and Eva Sánchez, who came out of the water at the same time.

At the start of the cycling segment, podium positions were maintained. The end of the cycling would be decisive because Eva Sánchez got into the first 3 positions, with the second best cycling time, and her partner Patricia Rico would remain in 3rd position.

The women's regional competition would be in this category a replica of the test podium, being the first 3 triathletes, federated in the Valencian Community.

In the men's case, Roberto Sánchez would be accompanied by Eduardo Blanco from CT Albacete in 2nd position, and Guillem Segura, from Satoki Trikideak in 3rd position.

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