Roberto Sánchez Mantecón will debut at the Hamburg World Series

He is already recovered from his injury

The young triathlete of 23 years  Roberto Sánchez Mantecón He has been training hard at the Sierra Nevada high performance center and will now participate for the first time in a World Series. It will be in Hamburg this coming weekend.

Roberto was forced to stay a few weeks after a fall while training, is already at full capacity and is eager to debut in the series. This year he was third in the World Cup of Madrid where he proved to be with forces fighting with the best.

Roberto sent us a video commenting on his feelings for the race

"The sensations are good, after having been unemployed for a while I am training as before being in Madrid and looking forward to living this experience"

From Triathlon News we wish you the best in your WTS 2019 debut and thanks to Dani Múgica for the recording.

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