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Roberto Sánchez Mantecón injured with 12 staples on the knee

He fell on his knee and had to receive 12 staples

The young triathlete Roberto Sánchez Mantecón He was injured yesterday while training. The athlete slipped on a curve while running, falling to the ground on the knee ending with 12 staples and 10 days of rest absolute.

In his social networks Roberto commented:

"And at the best moment of my sports career, everything is truncated for a moment.
On Wednesday 8 when I trained with my teammates, I slipped on a running curve and I keyed my knee on the floor, 12 staples in the emergency room and 10 rest days.

I will miss the next two tests I had planned and had prepared so much.
From here send a lot of luck to my team for the weekend that comes to them, Cpto España Universitario, Copa del Rey and Cpto España for Relays.

Now it's time to recover the knee to the 100% and return to the state of form in which it was. A lot of work ahead. "

Roberto, he came from having won the bronze in the Triathlon World Cup in Madrid in the best season of his sports life

From Triathlon News we wish him a speedy recovery and we hope to see him compete soon at the great level he was doing.

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