Roca and Corral climb the podium at the Duathlon World Championships

Second and third place for Spain in the Duathlon World Championship. With a total time of 1:51:18, the Portuguese duathlete Silva was proclaimed Duathlon world champion followed closely by Roca, just 5 seconds away from second place and Víctor del Corral third. Frances Diemunsh, first in Sub23.

At 14:45 the Elite and Men's U23 test began, with a spectacular foot race, the Frenchman Diemunsch, of the U23 category, arrived first at the finish line, with more than a minute of advantage over the second classified, the Portuguese Silva .

The elite was made up of the Portuguese Silva, followed by the Spanish Roca and Victor del Corral, a multisport specialist who started out as one of the favorites of the event.

The first moment of the race on foot, we could see the Spanish Gomar pulling the group, along with the Russian Yakowlev and Fernando AlarzaShortly afterwards Silva joined the group. In a cycling segment where there were continuous attacks, as soon as they left they formed three well-defined groups, which joined in the second round but momentarily, until they separated again. Alejandro Santamaría, who was in this first group, abandons the race after breaking the spokes of the wheel due to a crash and thus losing all the possibility of making a top 5 in the test, where he started as one of the favorites.

Finally it was the French Diemunsch who achieved the first place in the sub23, more than a minute later the Portuguese Sergio Silva was awarded the first box of the podium for the Male Elite category, who made these statements upon arrival at the finish line “I want to congratulate the organization for their great work, as well as the public, for coming here and for the encouragement they have given throughout the race. I did not come thinking that I could get the first place and this makes me happy. It was a very tough race with continuous attacks, people were very strong, I tried to reserve myself for the race on foot, and when I reached the second transition, I felt good and shot, which gave me the title of Duathlon World Champion, I am very happy with this position. "

The second to reach the finish line was Roger Roca, with an expression of total joy “I am happy that Gijón is the city that has awarded me the title of Runner-up in the Duathlon World, whenever I come here I make the podium. Gijón brings me luck! I have trained a lot and very hard for this test, when I have seen myself with podium possibilities I have been brave and I have fought to achieve a podium position, it has been exciting to enter the finish line in second position "

Victor del Corral, who obtained his last ITU title, only two months ago at the European Cros Triathlon Championship “it is difficult to change between combining cros triathlon with duathlon, short and long distances, but I am happy with my performance. I think it has been a good year globally, after a pre-season in the Canary Islands that has given me a good state of form to achieve several podiums at the international level, today I am again on it with a third place in the Duathlon World Championship. For next year, it is not known, it will probably happen to me in the long run, but that if, before this, I will finish the season this year with the XTerra World Championship "

In the U23 category, it was the French Diemunsch who led the test. With a total time of 1:50:37 he entered the finish line in first place, even before the first Elite “it was a tough race, despite this I felt good, my strong point is the foot race, and it was here when I have felt strong enough to get this position "

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