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Roger Roca, duathlon world champion

The Spanish Roger Roca, silver medalist in the 2011 duathlon world championship held in the Asturian town of Gijón, has been proclaimed world champion, after the Portuguese Sergio Silva was suspended for violating the anti-doping code, according to the Federation. International (ITU).

As reported in a statement by the International Triathlon Federation (ITU) - on which the sporting modality that combines cycling with running depends -, Silva was forced to return his gold medal "due to the violation of the regulations in an anti-doping control during the competition during the 2011 Duathlon World Championships in Gijón, in Spain.”

Silva was sanctioned for six months, (see news) losing, in addition to the trophy, the ranking points and the cash prize. As a result, all those classified advance one place. Roca will receive the gold medal and another Spaniard, Victor Manuel del Corral, who had finished third, the silver. The bronze medal will go to the Frenchman Benoit Nicolas, who had finished in fourth position.


1. Roger Roca Dalmau ESP ES 01:51:22
2. Victor Manuel Del Corral Morales ESP ES 01:51:29
3. Benoit Nicolas FRA FR 01:51:30
4. Sergey Yakovlev RUS RU 01:51:35
5. Matt Russell USA US 01:51:36
6. Richard Hobby GBR GB 01:51:45
7. Philip Wylie GBR GB 01:51:47
8. Alessio Peak ITA IT 01:52:06
9. Ilia Mazhukin RUS RU 01:52:12
10. Nicolas D'Harveng BEL BE 01:52:23

Source: marca.com

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