Roger Roca Plata in the first ITU 2015 test in Egypt

Yesterday the Luxor ATU Sprint Duathlon African was celebrated where the Spanish Roger Roca managed to finish in second position.



Roger Roca which was Duathlon world champion in 2011 got the silver in the first ITU test of the calendar in luxor, Egypt

The winner of the test was the Ukrainian Yegor Martynenko with a final time of 00: 56: 17 followed by Roger Toca (00: 56: 45J and also Ukrainian Sergiv Kokhan (00: 59: 37) occupying the third final position.


Yegor Martynenko UKR 00:56:17
Roger Roca Dalmau ESP 00:56:45
Sergiy Kokhan UKR 00:59:37
Wajdi Homrani TUN 01:00:59
Abedalaziz Isha Bi JOR 01:01:01


ITU Luxor results

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