Rome will host a Triathlon World Cup

In addition, Morocco will host a test for the first time.

World Triathlon has just announce two new venues for the Triathlon World Cup schedule 2023 for the season.

The new venues will be Roma in Italy and Tangier in Morocco.

Rome makes its debut as the venue for the Triathlon World Cup.

Rome, the capital of Italy, will debut as the venue for the Triathlon World Cup on the weekend of 7 October.

The race in Rome will be about sprint distance and will be held in the Lago dell'EUR area.

This area of ​​Rome has a rich sporting history as it hosted the 1960 Olympic Games at its Palazzo dello Sport.

Morocco hosts a World Cup for the first time

The ancient city of Tangier, in Morocco, will host the World Cup next 1th of October, marking the first time that an event of this type is held in the country.

The race in Tangier will be about sprint distance, with a 750 meter swim in the ocean, followed by a 20 km bike ride and a 5 km run along the beach.

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