Roth will pay Tomás Rodríguez a bonus if he goes under 2:30 in the marathon

In ten days, next Sunday, July 7, the 40th edition of the Roth Challenge, one of the most important events on the world triathlon calendar.

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This edition promises to be especially exciting with the participation of outstanding elite athletes and a unique financial incentive.

The event will be attended by 7.500 volunteers, more than 3.000 participants and 700 relay teams.

In the PRO category, the lineup of participants includes highly prestigious names, highlighting the expected duel between Magnus ditlev y Patrick Lange.

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In 2023, Ditlev again prevailed over Lange, setting a record time of 7:24:40. However, Lange took revenge at the IRONMAN World Cup in Nice, taking second place over Ditlev.

This year, Tomas Rodriguez, a Mexican triathlete who surprised at the IRONMAN in Texas, joins the competition. In Texas, Rodríguez ran the marathon in 2h34, beating Lange by a minute.

This victory secured him a spot at the World Championships in Hawaii in October 2024.

They will give him a prize if he manages to go under 2:30 in the marathon

Rodríguez's performance in Texas caught the attention of the Roth organizers, who have offered him a financial incentive if he manages to run the marathon in less than 2h30 and beats Lange in time.

No one has ever gone under 2h30 in the marathon of a long-distance triathlon. Therefore, at the Challenge Roth in two weeks, Rodríguez has signed a contract that establishes that, if you go under 2h30 and have the fastest marathon of the day, you will receive a financial bonus from the race organizers.

The organizers of the Challenge Roth are known for giving financial bonuses to the big professional names who enter the race.

What material can you use?

To achieve this achievement, Rodríguez has the freedom to use any shoe material he deems appropriate.

The Roth Challenge regulations, governed by the Deutsche Triathlon Union (DTU), allow the use of so-called 'magic shoes'.

These shoes may include advanced technology, such as carbon plates and thicker soles, which can significantly improve a runner's performance.

Unlike other organizations such as World Triathlon or IRONMAN, the DTU does not impose restrictions on the type of footwear that can be used, giving Rodríguez the advantage of selecting the equipment that best suits his needs and strategy.

Professionals in the test

Other athletes to consider are Rudy von berg, Leon chevalier, Daniel Bækkegård, Clement mignon, Pieter Heemeryck, Jan Stratman, Kyle Smith among others.

The Roth Challenge is not only known for its competitive level, but also for the experience it offers to all attendees.

The city of Roth becomes a nerve center for triathlon, attracting athletes and fans from all over the world.

 The race takes place in a spectacular setting, starting with a swim in the Main-Danube Canal, followed by a cycling circuit and a marathon that concludes in the triathlon stadium, where there is a unique atmosphere.

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