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Rubén Ruzafa sub-champion of the World of Triathlon Cros

The malagueño has been on the verge of getting his world title in the specialty

Today was held in Pontevedra, the Cros Triathlon World Championship, where the Ruben Ruzafa Malaga has achieved his fourth world subchampion. Rubén has conquered in 5 occasions the gold in this championship in addition to the 3 titles obtained in the Xterra category which makes him the holder of 8 worldwide.

The test consisted of 1 km of swimming. 30 km of Mountain Bike to complete with 7 km of running race.

Rubén Ruzafa I commented in the press conference previous, who did not arrive in the best conditions for the test, due to an injury in one hand and has reached the finish line with a lot of flatulence, jumping to the ground as soon as he reached the finish line.

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The test that began at 15: 30 the first to get out of the water was Spaniard Kevin Tarek with 48 seconds ahead of Jens Roth and Alberto Castineira in third position. Camilo Puertas was sixth to 56 seconds. Rubén Ruzafa was somewhat delayed from the water.

In the hard and technical cycling circuit, Rubén was gradually climbing positions to get first in the first kilometers.

In the T2 arrived a quartet formed by the French Arthur Foressier, the Czech Lukas Kocar, the Spanish Rubén Ruzafa and the North American Josiah Middaugh, Kevin Tarek entered the persecuting group with options to fight for the fifth position.

The segment of race on foot promised to be very fast, since it was quite flat and with much stretch on asphalt.

After the 7 km race the victory was for Arthur Foressier with a time of 1: 48: 20 followed by Rubén Ruzafa (1: 48: 54) to 32 seconds and Lukas Kocar (1: 49: 05) in third position.

As for the rest of Spanish Kevin Tarek it has been eighth, Camilo Puertas 33º and Alberto Castineria 37 º

Rubén Ruzafa, commented on goal. " In the water very well, I have not lost much with the head. I have taken the bike calmly, but I've been in the lead. I tried to put time in the last descent but it could not be, and we started the race together on foot.

I started a bit stuck in the race. I suffered like an animal to finish it by the flat. "

In the female elite category, bad luck was born with Laura Gomez and separated her from the fight for medals. The Catalan suffered a fall from the bicycle when she was riding in the leading group of the race and, later, she played, a circumstance that did not allow her to compete in optimal conditions.

However, he did not throw the towel and, despite the bruises, crossed the finish line in a meritorious fourteenth position.

The Italian Eleonora Peroncini, that was about to fall at the same point as Gomez, took the world title ahead of the British Jacqueline Slack y Nicole Walters.

You can relive the race in the following video

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