Rubén Ruzafa wins the Xterra Czech

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The malagueño after having got his room World title in Denmark, I travel to the Czech Republic to compete in his Xterra

The event consisted of 1,5 km of swimming, 32 km of MTB cycling and 10 km of Trail running through the Great Square forest and was held in the city of Prachatice.

Rubén Ruzafa has been imposed in the race followed by Bradley Weiss and by the local triathlete Lukáš Kočař

In the women's test the victory was for   Helena Karásková followed by Carina Wasle and by Lizzie Orchard  that finished in third final position

Rubén Ruzafa continues adding victory in their participations this year in the Xterra circuit, getting for the fourth time to climb to the top of the podium, as he won in the  Xterra del Rincon de la Victoria , Xterra Portugal and Xterra France, this for the fifth consecutive time

Photo: Facebook Xterra Europe

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