Rubén Ruzafa and Miquel Blanchart invite you to the Skechers Performance North Vs. South

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Since its inception, eight seasons ago, the spirit of the 'Skechers Performance North Vs. South' has tried to convert all the runners of Madrid, whatever their level, into real champions.

With this intention as a distinctive sign, this race of 10 kilometers returns one more year to your appointment, next 18 of June, with the ninth edition of this spectacular challenge, in which all the runners are called to give their best for their team in exchange for a incredible reward: Taste the honeys of triumph!

This is why Skechers triathletes Rubén Ruzafa y Miquel Blanchart they want to send a message to convince you to join their side of the test

The average of the best records of each of the teams will be what determines the winner, giving the possibility of going up to the podium -in the center of Madrid- to all its components.

It's time to choose equipment. Do you feel from the South and want to go with Rubén Ruzafa or from the North and want to go with Miquel Blanchart?

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