Rubén Ruzafa third in the Xterra World Championship

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Yesterday, a new edition of the XTERRA World Championship was held in Maui (Hawaii) where the Spaniard returned to the podium to get the third position.

After winning the Maui World Championship in 2008, 2013 and 2014, and finishing third in 2015 and second last year, the Malaga athlete has not achieved his fourth title of XTERRA world champion to which he would have to add the 3 achieved in the Triathlon Championship Cross ITU (2014, 2015 and 2016).

Ruben, who dominated the cycling segment, has not achieved enough difference over his pursuers and was overtaken in the race on foot by Bradley Weiss who won the race and by the Mexican Mauricio Méndez.

The test consisted of 1,5 kilometers of swimming, 32 kilometers on mountain bike and 10 kilometers of running on foot, where  Bradley Weiss  got the victory in 2: 32: 10 followed by Mauricio Méndez, winner of last year and for Rubén Ruzafa (2: 33.46) occupying the third final position

 Rubén Ruzafa has had a great season, achieving victory in seven of the ten events on the XTerra European and world circuit (Reunion Island, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France and Norway). In the other three tests Rubén got the runner-up of the XTerra in Switzerland, second place in the ITU World Cup in Canada, and although he did not get on the podium in the test in Denmark, he did get the title of champion of the XTerra European Circuit. The other Spanish in the test David Escolar finished in the 23º final position

Male classification

Job title Name Time Award
1 Bradley Weiss 2:32:09 $20,000
2 Mauricio Mendez 2:33:24 $12,000
3 Ruben Ruzafa 2:33:45 $7,000
4 Francisco Serrano 2:34:29 $4,000
5 Cedric Fleureton 2:34:50 $2,500
6 Sam Osborne 2:36:22 $1,500
7 Braden Currie 2:39:03 $1,100
8 Josiah Middaugh 2:39:32 $800
9 Brice Daubord 2:41:36 $600
10 Rom Akerson 2:42:23 $500




Flora Duffy gets her fourth consecutive world

As for the women's test the Bermudena Flora Duffy has returned to get the victory with a time of 2: 47: 47 followed by the Chilean  Bárbara Riveros (2: 56: 11) and by the German Laura Philipp (2: 57: 24) in third position

Female classification

Job title Name Time Award
1 Flora Duffy 2:47:47 $20,000
2 Barbara Riveros 2:56:11 $12,000
3 Laura Philipp 2:57:24 $7,000
4 Brigitta Poor 3:02:36 $4,000
5 Lesley Paterson 3:06:01 $2,500
6 Suzie Snyder 3:06:27 $1,500
7 Elizabeth Orchard 3:06:40 $1,100
8 Helena Karaskova 3:08:22 $800
9 Carina Wasle 3:11:34 $600
10 Emma Garrard 3:12:45 $500



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