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We interview Rubén Ruzafa, triathlete Skechers

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Rubén Ruzafa tells us that models of sneakers Skechers It is used according to the type of training and competitions, both asphalt and trail.

Some days ago Rubén Ruzafa achieved the bronze medal at the XTERRA World Cup in Maui, Hawaii. Weeks ago he had achieved second place in the world of ITU Cross Triathlon in Canada and the victory in the general of European Circuit XTERRA. In total they have been 7 triumphs those that Rubén has achieved this year in XTERRA tests.

To start the interview we want to ask you which models of Skechers you use for short and explosive training? What is the reason you wear these shoes and if you can give us some example of running training that you like to do.

The models that I usually choose for short and explosive workouts are the Skechers Go Ride 6, they provide lightness and speed, but without losing cushioning and thus avoid injuries. One training that I usually do is, after heating and doing some technique, 10 two hundred, recovering the two hundred meters traveled. Then release.

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We would also like to know what models you use for long runs of continuous running. What is the reason for wearing these shoes? Any example of running training that you like to do?

To long workouts I choose the shoes depending on the surface on which I am going to run. If it's a road, the Go Ride, if it gets complicated, and I'm going to do something trail, the Go Ride Trail. At the beginning of the year I usually use the Go Run Ultra, to have more cushioning. I love making long fartleks of inton to 1h 30min, for sensations, improvising the route according to what I'm finding.

When doing mountain workouts, what shoes do you use to run on paths, roads, etc ...? What is the reason? Any examples of trustworthy workouts that you like to do?

The chosen ones are the Go Run Trail. They are complete slippers, with good grip on almost all surfaces, with good cushioning, and with a very successful weight.

With them I do many types of training, I like the series of 500 meters going up and other so many going down, you have to go very concentrated at all times.

In the segments of race on foot usually there are different types of route, do you always use the same model of shoes or several according to the route?

I usually vary according to the circuit, if there is a lot of track or asphalt, I'll shoot at the Go Ride, and if it's more mountain on the Go Trail.

What shoes do you use in XTERRA and why?

En Xterra almost always choose the Go Trail, they are technical and I need good grip, especially when tiredness arrives and you do not coordinate the same.

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Photos: Michka Photography

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