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Rubén Ruzafa and Justine Virevialle win the XTERRA Pirineu

Ruben Ruzafa and Justine Virevialle are crowned champions of the first edition of XTERRA Pirineu in La Guingueta d'Àneu, an event that stood out for the natural beauty of the environment, the technicality of the circuit, the high level of athletes and the sporting atmosphere that has been lived.

Due to the low water temperature, the planned swimming segment could not be carried out, which was replaced by a 4-kilometer run, adjusting the format of the event to an XTERRA duathlon of 4km run, 30 kilometers of mountain bike. and finally an 11 kilometer running race.

The day began at 14 p.m., as scheduled, with the first segment on foot that was very fast but allowed the group of triathletes to stretch before the first transition, in which the runners were able to position themselves strategically and show their speed from the beginning, preparing the terrain for the following sections.

The mountain bike segment continued in which the runners faced terrain typical of the Pyrenees, with a technical and challenging first part, and a much more rolling second loop along the bottom of the valley, completing a spectacular route.

Finally, the day culminated with the running route of 11 kilometers and 650 meters of elevation gain, reaching a maximum height of 1500 meters above sea level, offering spectacular views that all participants highlighted upon arrival at the finish line. .

In the men's category Rubén Ruzafa has climbed to the top of the podium with a time of 2:40:16 followed by Issame Azarkane (2:43:46) and Arnau Montiel (2:45:24)

In the women's race, the French Justine Virevialle placed first with a time of 3:37:07. She was followed by Helena Pujol (3:39:31) (3:40:40)

The 4-time world champion Ruben Ruzafa highlighted that “he had not competed in XTERRA Spain for a long time and it has been wonderful to race again at home and in a magnificent setting like the Pyrenees, with technical segments that are his favorites.”

The Frenchwoman Justine declared that “It is a very hard, demanding and technical but beautiful race. I will definitely come back to challenge myself.”

The triathletes who have achieved the best times have shared 26 places in the classification for the 2024 XTERRA World Championship, which will be held in September in Italy with the winners of each age group category.

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