Press conference, Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote

One of the most anticipated events of the year is here, IRONMAN Lanzarote.

El Club Santa, organizer of this mythical IRONMAN, today hosted the press conference where prominent triathletes who will participate in this long-awaited edition attended

During it we were able to count on the presence of the 2-time winner of the test Alexander Degasperi, the winner in 2012 Michelle Vesterby as the most outstanding athletes who were also accompanied Nils Frommhold, Nick Kastelein y Manon Genet

Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote arrives with energy, a great lineup of professionals and with many new features

Among the outstanding triathletes we were able to count the two-time winner Alessandro Degasperi of the test (2015 and 2018) who highlighted the special characteristics of the competition as well as the excellent line-up of professionals who will be on the starting line, which will give more excitement to the test.

During it, and as an experienced cyclist, he also wanted to share his race strategy giving advice to triathletes that “It will be essential to base the strategy on the cycling segment. This year there will be more wind than usual, it is important to reserve your strength on the bike so as not to pay it in the running race that is also expected to be hard due to the wind".

Michele Verstby, winner in 2012, she returns to participate on the island after her motherhood.

The Danish triathlete has been training on the island for 3 weeks and is eager to compete “If I go out… .I go out to win, I have nothing to lose.”She commented with the smile that characterizes her.

"Things have changed since the last time I competed here of course, in addition to being a mother now, these years I have gained a lot of experience and I think all the changes have been positive for me and I hope to show it next Saturday. "

On the other hand the German Nils Frommhold, 4 times classified for Kona, will compete this 2021 for the first time in IRONMAN Lanzarote "For more than 5 years I have been training here with my team and it is a test that I have always had in mind and that I have to do it and this is the moment. I am aware that it is a tough circuit, but I know that it is a special place to compete"

For Nick Kastelein It will also be his first participation in IRONMAN Lanzarote. The triathlete comes to the test after having achieved a third place in the Challenge Mogán this 2021, in addition to achieving a 3rd place in the IRONMAN Barcelona 2019, certainly a good candidate for the podium.

For the triathlete Manon Genet It will also be his first participation in Lanzarote and, although he has been a professional for a few years, he comes to the test strong and eager after having achieved a second place in the IRONMAN Wales and a third in the IRONMAN France in 2019, which indicates a good projection in this distance.

"We want the triathlete to feel the magic of the Island"

In addition, at the press conference we were able to count on the presence of Fabio Cabrera, race director, who transmitted his passion and dedication for it,

"IRONMAN LANZAROTES is more than an institution or a sporting event, it is a family. We work to make the triathletes who come every year feel that way, they are the soul of the event "

Fabio Carrera at the IRONMAN Lanzarote goal
radio brand launcher / Fabio Carrera at the IRONMAN Lanzarote goal

“This year there have been some changes in the race, such as the format of the Rolling Start start, in addition to the transitions and the race on foot, all of them to maintain the protocols that guarantee the safety of all participants."

First year that we are part of the FETRI calendar and also LD Military World Championship

Fabio also wanted to highlight that this year IRONMAN Lanzarote will be part of the FETRI LD and MD ranking and it will also host the LD Military World Championship for the first time.

"We always work to achieve excellence, but this year we are more motivated, since IRONMAN Lanzarote must be at the height of a World Championship such as the one we will host this year"

The test will begin on Saturday, July 3 at 7 in the morning in Puerto del Carmen.

You can check in the following link the preview of the competition

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