Sam Long and Fenella Langridge win Challenge Family's World Bonus 2022

Sara Pérez has finished second in the Ranking.

Sam long y Fenella Langridge they finished the 2022 season winning the $25.000 after winning the 2022 Challenge Family World Bonus.

The last scoring race was held yesterday at Clash Daytona on Friday, where the Spanish Sara Pérez Sala has finished in the second final place. Yet there was never any threat to the top spots for Long and Langridge.

En total 194 professional athletes accumulated points throughout the season in the World Bonus, where $125.000 in prizes will be awarded.

The Challenge Family Pro Athlete World Bonus initiative was established to provide professional athletes the opportunity to compete for a share of a US$125k end of season bonus, as well as prize money at the races.

El World Bonus pays the top five in the ranking where the winners get $25.000, the second $16.500, the third $12.000, the fourth $6.000 and the fifth $3.000.

The classification is decided through a points system based on places achieved in the best six performances of athletes in Challenge Family races during the season, of which no more than one may be a long distance race.


The final Challenge Family Pro Athlete World Bonus Rankings for 2022 are:


  1. Sam Long 875
  2. Niek Heldoorn 700
  3. Magnus Ditlev 600
  4. Reinaldo Colucci 500
  5. Patrick Lange 500
  6. Kieran Lindars 500


  1. Fenella Langridge 1,050
  2. Sara Perez Room 850
  3. Lucy Byram 620
  4. Lucy Buckingham 600
  5. Anne Haug                  600

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