Samer Ali Saad and Rocío Molas prevail at the Punta Umbria Triathlon

Samer Ali Saad again demonstrated his status by ravaging the 11th Triathlon Beaches of Punta Umbría, a competition held yesterday that combines swimming, cycling and athletics.

The winner completed the circuit with a time of 54.24. Saad was followed at all times and almost flanked by the brothers from Málaga Bruno and Victoriano Raso, (with 54.51 and 55.28 in second and third position, respectively). It must be remembered that Samer already knows what it is to win in Punta Umbría: he was the winner of this triathlon in 2011 and also won the Urban Mile last August.

The triathlon held yesterday was marked by the large number of competitors, 400 in total, who had a fantastic race, both in the water and on bikes and then on foot. In women, Rocío Molas took victory (58.41) followed by Carmen García (01:00.23) and Sonia Vázquez (01:02.53).

All the athletes who met on Avenida del Océano were quickly infected with the rhythm set by the champions, although of course each one in their own way and form.

The Sevillian athlete Ali Saad, Andalusian triathlon champion on several occasions and with many titles to his credit, confessed to having carried out a great test, to the point of "I had a great time", he even said. In addition, given her swimming ability, a modality in which she has also won important trophies, she set the bar very high, despite the fact that the water was somewhat cold and the wind was blowing, so the sea had waves and was not as smooth as at other times. It should not be forgotten that the test was held in the open sea (750 meters) and then the triathletes covered 20 kilometers by bicycle and another 5 kilometers of running.

A good sporting atmosphere was experienced throughout the tour and a large audience enjoyed the competition, strongly supporting all the athletes.

The swimming test took place in the sea and then everyone had to cycle to the vicinity of the La Bota campsite and return twice, to finish the journey on foot from the Camarón beach bar area to Altair. It should be noted that with only 400 runners, you can get an idea of ​​the number of companions and followers they had.

Given the high participation, there were prizes for the top three in the female and male categories and various prizes for other modalities by age as well as a team classification.

There are no previous results.

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