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Sanctioned another GGEE triathlete for doping

The penalty imposed is 4 years of disqualification

Another case of doping in our sport and in age groups. The triathlete Alexis Rodríguez Hernández 42-year-old has been sanctioned for doping

The sanction imposed are 4 years of disqualification for having given positive doping substances last 6/02/2019. It will be in force until 6/08/2022

The excicist was already stopped at 2015 by the Anti-Doping Group of the National Police within the framework of the Astur operation. Doping substances such as anabolics, growth hormones and EPO were found in his house

AEPSAD has published the data of the offender on its website

Sanctioned another GGEE triathlete for doping


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