Those sanctioned for doping until 2020, will be able to compete in Tokyo 2021

This benefit occurs because doping bans are based on time periods and not events.

The head of the athletic integrity unit, Brett Clothier, has confirmed that athletes with a doping sanction in force in 2020, will be able to compete in the Tokyo 2021 Games-

This benefit occurs because doping bans are based on time periods and not events.

The 4-year sanction period was designed to link with the Olympic cycle, but in the situation we are in, with the postponement of the 2021 games, some athletes will benefit from it.

«It is an unfortunate but very clear situation according to the legal framework, so the ban is based on time and is not linked to particular events.", He specified in declarations to the Reuters agency.

A difficult situation to maintain the control program

"TheThe movement restrictions that are occurring in many countries are severely disrupting testing processes around the world », he acknowledged.

«We test for over 100 countries worldwide and there are different restrictions in each country… and those restrictions change from day to day, week to week.

Therefore, our normal testing operations are disrupted. We are still testing where we can, but there is a severe disruption, no doubt",

Recognize that these limitations lead to cheating

Clothier claimed that although the current limitations of the evidence give rise to the pitfalls, national agencies "must be proactive in identifying athletes prone to cheatings at the same time cracking down on the root causes of doping. "

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