Health plans to establish schedules to avoid crowds on departures

The possibility of expanding the measure of going outside to the rest of the population is being studied.

Since last Sunday, the children are going out and the possibility of extending the measure to the rest of the population is being studied.

In a few hours, the government will announce the de-escalation plan in all the autonomous communitieswhere we hope the sport practice from May 2 if there is no rebound in the epidemic.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health Salvador Illa, warned of un possible step back if the rules are not met in the outings of the little ones

Illa has asked the communities for proposals

At the meeting he had yesterday with the directors responsible for health of the autonomous communities, Salvador Illa asked them proposals to articulate this measure.

One of the ones that the government is considering is set schedules so that there are no crowds.

As reported MSN, the minister did not specify any measure, and he just asked for opinions on how the exits should be and on the experiences that each territory had with the first release from quarantine

A ministerial order will be the one that specifies how the exits of the rest of the population can be, if these shifts will be necessary and the time and space limitations to which they will be subject.

The Andalusian proposal, departure shifts

The Andalusian Board considers that the ideal to avoid contagions is for the elderly to go for a walk in the morning (from 9.00 to 14.00) and children in the afternoon (from 16.00 to 21.00).

"The virus is here to stay and you have to avoid contacts between those people most at risk, the elderly, and children, who may be vectors of the disease," said the Health Minister of that region, Jesús Aguirre.

In the case of sports, schedules could be established in the morning and at night

Based on the Andalusian proposal, sports practice could be allowed if it is carried out at specific times with which the rest of the population did not agree.

These measures have already been taken in the past by other countries, allowing people to leave early in the morning and late at night.

For sports, safety distance of 6 meters

In an interview yesterday with Pedro Manorelles, president of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine, he stated "I have doubts that it is convenient to allow going out to play sports"

Within the interview spoke about safety distances that it should have when running.

Running increases ventilation and the particles go further. For this reason, it is considered necessary to keep a safety distance of six meters.

The first measure that should be taken is a wide distance between the athletes that we have planned for about 6 meters vertically.

That is, one runner goes after another a minimum of 6 meters to prevent the drops of the first runner from being inspired by the second runner.

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