Interview Santiago Moralejo, triathlete Skechers at Ironman Lanzarote

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2º podium place GGEE 18-24 years for his long distance debut

From TRIATLÓN NEWS we interviewed Santiago Moralejo, young triathlete winner of the IM Lanzarote dorsal + GoRun5 Skechers sneakers through the contest held last March.


With only 23 years old, he started debuting in distance super sprint in 2013, after a one-year break, with 20 years started his career that today has led him to achieve this second place in IM Lanzarote in his GGEE

"It was all thanks to my friend María Varo, who convinced me to do a super sprint in a small town near my house in Toledo. With all the material borrowed and without knowing what I had to do like that, it was my debut "

"Today I have gone through all the distances: Sprint, the leagues of clubs of the last two years being the ones that leave me the best memories, Olympic, where in Juan Carlos, first with 2h24 I achieved an 19 position in the general and 2º in My category, and then I went to the middle distance, where I made two, being one of them in my city, Toledo, where I could also get on the first podium in my GGEE with 4h24'. "

I could not believe it, from one day to the next I was going to debut in LD at IM Lanzarote!

"The truth that I had never competed in IM distance. When I found out that I had been the winner of the number, my first reaction was one of disbelief about everything ... I could not believe it !. I did not even remember the raffle, I threw it out without thinking about what I was doing, and when they told me that it had touched me, it became a mixture of respect and joy ... but above all, a lot of joy! "

Santiago Moralejo at the Ironman Lanzarote Podium

Prepare an IM in 2 months?

"Obviously no one can prepare for an IM and less Lanzarote in just 2 months, but thanks to the great preparation I was taking with my trainers and trientrena friends with us, David Rodríguez and Alberto Marques, for the CE of Media Distancia the end of week before the big date, I had a good base to try, and with your help we could modify it, in a very satisfactory way "

IM Lanzarote thanks to Skechers

"I did the marathon with the Skechers GoRun5 and the sensations have been magnificent, very comfortable, light, with good cushioning"

"In my opinion, such good shoes for short distances as for longer distances: they are wonderful"

Recommended training Skechers ... to the test!

"A training that I like to do, and that I will not forget those early season trainings are with a 2000 warm-up, 7x400m at an easy pace, another 2000 at the same rhythm 400, other 7x400m and a last progressive 2000 every 400 ending up completely exhausted. 12-13 km of competition rhythms that tan anyone ... "

My experience at Ironman Lanzarote 2017

"I think if I said that everything went great, I would be lying to myself, there are many things that did not go as they should, I have to learn, change and improve without a doubt, but the result was better than expected and In general I am very happy with the test, especially because we achieve the main objective, ENJOY and much , I never thought I could do it running that marathon "

Santiago Moralejo with teammates from his club

Anecdotes in an Ironman ... there are always many!

"I confess, I am a complete disaster in general, and always make many mistakes on the fly, no doubt the race is full of them, such as the break of the neoprene closure just before the start and have to take it open, release the trim and that produces me great chafing, very novice, or not follow the prepared diet and end up with a stomach like a washing machine (laughs) "

 "On the race on foot I never thought I could go so well, I think my stomach problems during the bike made me not give more strength than necessary on it and I could get down very whole to run. My sensations were very good throughout the marathon, even being able to squeeze in the final km, incredible! That yes, on my rhythms, that the truth is that they are not very fast that we say "

Ironman Lanzarote: RECOMMENDED


It is true that I can not compare with others, but I have fallen in love with this island, it is as hard as it is beautiful, and what is lived in this race is something that can not be explained with words.

Skechers For everyone!

Of course I would recommend it to everyone, both short and long, I think that when you see how comfortable they are, you do not want to change


Hard, beautiful and unforgettable.

And Skechers?

Comfortable, light and fast

Ironman Lanzarote 2017, with second place on the podium in GGEE 18-24


My greatest thanks are to my family, my parents and my brother who support me absolutely in everything, always trust me and have given me everything in this life.

I also want to mention my colleagues from the Triathlon University Club of Madrid, my trientrena training partners with us and friends who continue to endure me after so many years.

Debut in Santiago Triathlon

This challenge has completely changed my season, however I am sure that in a few days ... I will have my mind full of new experiences to live in this sport that I like so much!

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