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Sara Bonilla and Alberto González Champions of the Community of Madrid Duathlon

At 9: 45 started the Duathlon Community of Madrid Championship Villa de Alcobendas on circuit that ran on the Sprint distance and where the duathletes had to complete a course of 2 race laps on foot (5km), 4 laps in the cycle segment (20km) to finish with one last lap of the race on foot of 2,5 km for said locality.

The first start was for the women's category, where the duathletes have offered a spectacular race from start to finish once demonstrated the great level with which they have in competition. Varias were the favorites with the possibility to take the first place on the podium, however Lucía Pérez and Sara Bonilla led from start to finish the race with the sole objective of achieving this desired title.

Lucía Perez managed to stay in the head until the second transition, being the first to arrive at the T1 followed by a persecuting group formed Natalia Raña, Paula María García and Sonia López, seconds behind Sara Bonilla arrived and the cadet category ducklet Cecilia Santamaría.

In the bike segment Lucia knew how to maintain the lead of the race and Sara to reach it remaining practically united during the 20 km of route, but once arrived at the T2 and nothing else to begin the race on foot Lucia was sentenced by Sara Bonilla of the Triathlon Club Clavería that managed to reach the duathlet of the CT Diablillos de Rivas proclaiming thus winning the test with a total time of 1: 11: 24 to only 6 seconds of the second classified, Lucia Perez. Natalia Raña, CT Diablillos de Rivas, achieved the third position with a time of 01: 13: 49.

According to statements made to the press by Sara Bonilla "The cycling circuit has been very hard with many slopes and changes. Lucía Pérez is a great duathlete and it was difficult to follow her, I had to fight for the victory but finally in the foot race I managed to reach it and in this way achieve this title "

Due to the great participation in the test, two were the series with which the male category was counted, placing in the second the duathletes with the highest score in the 2012 ranking, a test that made the audience vibrate from start to finish.

In the second series Iván Cáceres of Club CT Diablillos de Rivas, one of the great favorites of the race, he was able to lead the race practically from start to finish, being the first to enter the first transition with 7 seconds ahead of the pursuer group : Luis Miguel Sánchez, Alberto González and Ramón Ejeda. In the cyclist segment Ivan continued with the control of the race, although the best partial was for David Cancela, Independiente, with a surprising time of 35: 01 in the first series of this race.

Nothing else to start the second race on foot, and only 2,5 km to end the competition Iván Cáceres suffered some cramps in the twin thus separating him from the victory, an opportunity that took advantage of Alberto Gónzalez del Tri-Val Valdemoro overcoming positions to pass the triathlete federated by Galicia, Iván Cáceres from the CT Diablillos de Rivas, and take the first place on the podium with a time of 1: 01: 57. The second classified was Luis Miguel Sanchez from CT Diablillos de Rivas to only 5 seconds from the head of the race, with Iván Cáceres the third, 1: 02: 08. Ramón Ejeda, CT Diablillos de Rivas, took fourth place in the general classification and was third in the Duathlon Community of Madrid Championship

Exciting in the same way has been the participation of the paralympic category a firm bet of the Madrid Triathlon Federation for this new cycle and where a total of 8 athletes have taken the start in this test demonstrating, once again, that the duathlon is an inclusive sport

Another noteworthy fact was the delivery of a recognition plaque to Lorenzo Bernal, for his career as President of the Madrid Triathlon Federation and Pablo Salazar, former sports councilor of Alcobendas, and now the new Director General of Community Youth and Sports from Madrid.

The day ended with the awards ceremony where you could count on the presence of Virginia Sanz, as president of the Madrid Triathlon Federation, as well as local authorities who accompanied the athletes throughout the day among which the Mayor of Alcobendas stand out , Ignacio García de Vinuesa, the General Director of Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Salazar, the Councilor for Sports of Alcobendas, Fernando Martínez, the Delegate Councilor for Integration and Equality of Opportunities, Mar Rodríguez and the second Deputy Mayor in the area of ​​Social Affairs, Mónica Sánchez

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Women's Classification

1 Sara Bonilla Claia Triathlon 01: 12: 24

2 Lucía Pérez CT Imps from Rivas 01: 12: 30

3 Natalia Raña CT Imps of Rivas 01: 13: 49

Men's Classification

1 Alberto González Tri-Val Valdemoro 01: 01: 57

2 Luis Miguel Sánchez CT Imps from Rivas 01: 02: 02

3 Ramón Ejeda CT Imps from Rivas 01: 02: 20

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