Sara Pérez and Jesús Gomar win the Fuente Alamo Triathlon

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Today the so-called "Triathlon of the Triathletes" has been played with the participation of 1.000 triathletes

A few minutes ago, the competition ended with victory for the Valencian triathlete Jesús Gomar in a tough one-on-one with Antonio Serrat who has been second after covering the whole career segment together, the third position has been for Gomar's teammate at the University of Alicante Roberto Sanchez Mantecón.

In the female category the victory has been for Sara Perez with an anthological career, the whole competition escaped and the onslaughts of its pursuers stood on foot. The second and third places have been for Joselyn Brea y Camila Alonso.

The Region of Murcia lived for the second consecutive weekend a whole party around triathlon. If last week Águilas beat all the records in terms of participants in a scoring event for the National Triathlon League, yesterday Fuente Álamo took over, with more than a thousand participants who attended the twenty-seventh edition of the triathlon of the triathletes .

The beach of Rihuete dressed up to give the departure of the XXVII National Triathlon Villa de Fuente AlamoWhich was qualifier for the Spanish Triathlon Elite Championship. The mayor of Mazarrón was in charge of giving the kick-off, after the minute of silence saved in honor of the three triathletes who lost their lives last weekend in Oliva (Valencia) after being hit by a tourist while training with the bike.

In the first place, the women took the start, with an elite squad made up of great names of the national triathlon as the former Olympic swimmer, Sara Pérez, who proclaimed herself Champion after demonstrating absolute dominance in the three sectors. After her, with a tight finish marked by the sprint and sentenced by the photo finish, came Joselyn Brea, Fluvial Lugo, and Camila Alonso, Ferrol Triathlon.

The male elite came out after the female categories, 15 minutes later, with several of the reference names of the National Triathlon as Jesus Gomar, Uxio Abuin, Antonio Serrat or Sánchez Mantecón, who could not dispute the race to Gomar, the University of Alicante, which was proclaimed for the fifth time, as triathlete champion of the triathletes, being the first five-time champion of the Fuente Álamo race. Serrat and Sánchez Mantecón, remained second and third place, being the first Murcian to cross the finish line Arturo Galián, of the Unidata Murcia Triathlon Club, arriving in ninth position.

As for the rest of the categories, the women's race was led by Junior, Mar Solís, from Tritranin4you O2-Cabberty, who was the fastest to arrive followed by Eva Sánchez, from the Triathlon Club Petrer-Carpinteria Metálica La Villa, and from the cadet from Murcia Laura Durán, from CT Caravaca.

By categories, the Absolute podium was formed by the triathlete of Petrer, occupying Herminia Abellán, from CT Águilas Primaflor, the second step and Laia Morón the third. The Cadet classification, with Laura Durán at the head, was completed by María Rocío López, from CT Águilas Primaflor, and Ana Gil, from AD Cehegín. As for the Sub23, it was Sandra Travisiano, of the Personal Running Triathlon, who occupied the top of the podium, staying with the second position Karín Kitti, of the Trinet Nunca Es Tarde, and with the third position Melisa Martínez, of the CT Murcia Unidata. The best of the Veteran 1 category were the independent Pilar Martín, Krisztina Flora, Trinet Nunca Es Tarde, and Ana Jordá, from Triatlo Ontinyent. In Veteranas 2, the podium was formed by Mónica Ecseki, Francisca García and Katherine Verónica Gaffney

The Men's Absolute classification was led by Pablo Miñano, from the Ego Run.In Club, who was followed by Samuel García, from CT Archena Ibercombus, and the independent Carlos Baño. The fastest Cadets were Ángel Sánchez, from the Triathlon Triathlon, followed by Murcia's Sergio Baxter and Pablo Garrido. In Junior, it was Alejandro Salvador, from AD Sevilla, who took the first place accompanying him in the second step Christian Izquierdo, from the CD Trampolín, and Álvaro Sánchez, from the Triathlon Albacete, who occupied the third place. Eduardo Talavera, from Trientrenos, was the fastest Sub23, followed by David Galiano and Cristobal Andreu, from CT Archena Ibercombus. In Veterans 1, Alberto Hernández, Pedro Moreno and José Bravo formed the podium, while in Veterans 2 was formed by Antonio José González, José Muñoz (Trialhama) and Juan Dolón (CT Fuente Álamo). Veterans 3 was formed by José Horacio Prario, José Manuel Gómez and Ginés Giménez (CT Fuente Álamo).

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