The 3 scenarios that FETRI and clubs see for the 2020 season

He has met with the 1st and 2nd Division clubs to evaluate and agree on the new competition calendar for this year

Given the situation generated by the transmission of the Coronavirus COVID-19, and in favor of generating an optimal schedule for Athletes, FETRI has met with the first and second division clubs.

This meeting with the clubs has had the objective of analyzing, evaluating and agreeing on the different options that arise for the new competition calendar in this 2020 season.

 The meeting has started, led by José Hidalgo, thanking the sensitivity that triathlon is showing in all its areas with the social reality that we are experiencing since the beginning of the confinement, and transmitting a message of support and solidarity with the people who are in first line fighting COVID-19. Triathlon being an example of social support, as it has always been, and now more than ever.

 The FETRI, together with the representatives of the 1st and 2nd Division clubs, has made an evaluation of the different scenarios that can be presented for this season, regarding the celebration of their Spanish Championships and their Triathlon and Duathlon Leagues. .

1st scenario: Restart the competitions in the month of July

 The first scenario, as long as the health institutions and the Government of Spain so mark, would be to resume the competitions from the month of July, when the confinement was lifted and the options that would be presented at that time.

2nd scenario: Resume competitions in the Fall

 The second scenario would place us with the start of activities in the fall, saving the celebration of part of the Triathlon and Duathlon calendar.

3rd scenario: Do ​​not hold any competition in 2020

 And the third and last possibility would be that no more competitions were held in 2020, for which a contingency plan would be developed.

In addition, from the Spanish Triathlon Federation the will to generate a digital competition project was transmitted to the clubs to be announced soon.

 This first meeting of FETRI with its clubs ended with the commitment of the Federation itself and its clubs to work together and hand in hand, in a coordinated manner and taking the different decisions that mark the evolution of the pandemic in a single sense and consensual way.


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