The ENDUROMAN Lanzarote eruption is approaching

Two and a half months after its celebration, the organizers of Enduroman Lanzarote finalize the preparations for the celebration of their triathlon festival and already have the official approval of the referees of the Canarian Triathlon Federation who have supervised and measured the chosen segments and have also received confirmation from the president of the IUTA, International Ultra Triathlon Association, Michael Gartner that it will be present during the competition because ENDUROMAN Lanzarote is an important scoring event for the Ultra Triathlon World Cup, as well as being the only festival of its kind in Spain.

Of the four triathlon events that will be held on the days 4 and February 5 2012 In Lanzarote, the Double Enduroman is, for now, the modality with the highest number of registrations. Among all of them stands out that of this year's champion Paul Thompson; that of the veteran French triathlete Guy Rossi, 64 years old and that of Dominique Benassi, the Corsican triathlete who with only one leg has eight world champion titles in the triathlon, duathlon and quadratlon disabled category and who in Lanzarote will compete face to face with the rest of the Double Enduroman triathletes.

After the Double Enduroman (the only "non stop" event with these distances that is held in Spain) is the Olympic Enduroman, the modality that also registers a high rate of registrations, among which are the champions (male and female) of the first edition, Jonay Garcia y Patricia Diaz, both from the Canarian triathlon club “Titanes”.

Regarding the Enduroman modality -with the same distances as an iron- it stands out that all the triathletes already registered are experts in this test but have chosen the Enduroman Lanzarote competition because the routes are shorter and pass through more comfortable, safer and more comfortable scenarios. more public, such as the 15 kilometers of the road that connects – between the sea, the lava and the volcanoes – Playa Blanca with the Charco de Los Clicos for bicycles, and that they will have to cover 12 times, and the 2.630-meter walk sea ​​that separates the center of the fishing and tourist town of Playa Blanca with the Marina Rubicón marina, for the foot race and which must be completed 16 times. The swimming segment will be a triangle with a perimeter of 950 meters marked with buoys in the waters of the town's beach. Many of the triathletes enrolled in the Enduroman do so, moreover, thinking that it will give them experience to be able to compete in the next editions in the Double Enduroman. The same happens with those enrolled in the Half Enduroman who want to test their abilities to get to face the Enduroman.

In turn, the Cabildo of Lanzarote and City Council of Yaiza, co-organizers of the Enduroman Lanzarote triathlon festival, have attended the 32nd edition of the W (WTM 2011), the most important international fair of the Tourism industry, to promote this volcanic island as a tourist and sports destination by spreading the celebration of this triathlon festival as a first-rate event in which the hardness of the tests are combined physical with the spectacularity of the telluric landscape of the island. The hotels in the south of the island are also promoting this competition and many of them already offer special accommodation packages for triathletes, their technicians and coaches and their families and companions. Other entities and collaborating commercial firms (sports equipment, rent a car, wineries, tourism and art centers, restaurants, diet centers, massages, physiotherapy, etc.) also prepare their offers to entertain visitors who travel to the island to attend the Enduroman Lanzarote which promises to be one of the most popular, interesting and competitive international sporting events of 2012.


The ENDUROMAN Lanzarote triathlon festival will take place in the municipality of Yaiza, south of Lanzarote, and will have the town of Playa Blanca as its nerve center and goal.

It includes the simultaneous celebration of these four triathlon modalities:

- Olympic Enduroman (swimming, 1,5 km; cycling, 40 km and running, 10 km).

- Half Enduroman (swimming, 1,9 km; cycling, 90 km and running, 21 km).

- Enduroman (swimming, 3,8 km; cycling, 180 km and running, 42,195 km).

- Double Enduroman (swimming, 7,6 km; cycling, 360 km and running, 84,390 km).


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