16 years of the World Championship achieved by Iván Raña

With this victory he became the youngest ITU world champion in Spain, paving the way for the 5 titles won by Javier Gómez Noya and the 3 by Mario Mola.

Last November 9th became a historic date for the Spanish triathlon, since in 2002 in the city of Cancun, a 23-year-old Galician young man, Ivan Raña, achieved first triathlon world title exclusive dealer for Spain.

Ivan with this victory became the youngest ITU world champion in Spain, opening the way for the 5 titles obtained from Javier Gómez Noya and the 3 of Mario Mola.

Raña came as number one favorite, after chaining 4 consecutive victories in ITU tests: The European Championship in Gyor in July, the European Cup in Madrid in September, the Madeira World Cup and the Palermo European Cup both in October .

The competition was decided in the race on foot where Ivan was the fastest, getting the victory with a time of 1: 50: 40, followed by the Australian Peter Robertson with 1: 51: 06 and by the British Andrew Johns in third position with 1: 51: 17.

In addition to Ivan Raña, there were three more Spaniards competing in Cancun: Eneko Llanos, Hektor Llanos y José Merchán.

Triathlon World Championship
1. Iván Raña (ESP) GOLD 1h50: 41
2. Peter Robertson (AUS) SILVER 1h51: 07
3. Andrew Johns (GBR) BRONZE 1h51: 17
4. Greg Bennett (AUS) 1h51: 27
5. Vladimir Polikarpenko (UCR) 1h51: 37
6. Maik Petzold (ALE) 1h51: 45
7. Chris Hill (AUS) 1h52: 03
8. Kris Gemmel (NZL) 1h52: 10
9. Dimitry Gaag (KAZ) 1h52: 19
10. Matt Reed (NZL) 1h52: 30
31. Eneko Llanos (ESP) 1h55: 03
38. José Merchán (ESP) 1h55: 48
40. Héctor Llanos (ESP) 1h55: 56

16 years later, Iván Raña is one of the greatest in Spanish triathlon, he has never stopped competing with the best in his sport, being the only Spanish to be so-gifted finisher, 6 consecutive times in the Hawaii Ironman

Photo: ITU

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