Sebastian Kienle finishes fourth in the RONMAN New Zealand

Mike Phillips and Els Visser win the first test

This morning in Taupo (New Zealand) a new edition of the IRONMAN New Zealand.

In the men's category the victory has been for the New Zealander Mike Phillips with a time of 7: 56: 03, followed by Braden Currie with a time of 7:59:15 and Jan Van Berkel with 8:10:20.

The German Sebastian Kienle finished in a great fourth position and Cameron Brown, winner of this test several times and who also retired this year, finished in seventh position.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Name Time Country
1 Mike Phillips 7:56:03 New Zealand
2 Braden Currie 7:59:15 New Zealand
3 Jan Van Berkel 8:10:20 Switzerland
4 Sebastian Kienle 8:14:02 Germany
5 matt kerr 8:27:56 Australia
6 Simon Cochrane 8:30:12 New Zealand
7 Cameron Brown 8:42:13 New Zealand
8 Matt Jackson 8:51:37 Australia
9 Lucas Duross 8:52:03 Australia
10 levi hauwert 9:04:42 New Zealand

The victory in the elite women's category has gone to the New Zealander Els Visser in a time of 9 hours, 5 minutes and 42 seconds.

In second place, with a difference of 3 minutes and 49 seconds, came the American Hannah Berry with a time of 9 hours, 8 minutes and 31 seconds. Followed by the New Zealander Rebecca Clarke with a time of 9 hours, 10 9 minutes and seconds.

Top 10 female

Job title Name and surname Time Country
1 Els Visser 9:05:42 New Zealand
2 Hannah Berry 9:08:31 United States
3 Rebecca Clarke 9:10:09 New Zealand
4 Meredith Kessler 9:30:49 United States
5 Ai Ueda 9:42:49 Japan
6 Kristin Lieold 10:08:00 Germany
7 Wendy Wooder 10:14:57 United States
8 Ashley Carson 10:19:31 United States
9 Astrid Stienen 10:23:44 Germany
10 robyn winkler 10:31:22 Australia

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