Sebastian Kienle wins Challenge Family The Championship

The German triathlete has won the title with a comeback in the race on foot

Today was held in Samorin (Slovakia) the third edition of the The Championship, where the favorite Sebastian Kienle has achieved the victory.

The test began with the 1,9 km swim where Ben Kanute was the first to leave the water followed by Max Neummany and 40 seconds by a large group.

In the first kilometers of the cycling sector, a leading group was formed with Kanute, Heemeryck and Neummany, ahead of Floriant Angert in 45 seconds.

In the following kilometers we saw several changes of leader to finally arrive at the T2 Pieter Heemeryck in the lead with 29 second of advantage over Angert and 55 over Clavel. In this sector Sebastian Kienle arrived in seventh position to 2: 36 of the head

Once in the race on foot, we could see the best Sebastian Kienle, who with a large career sector was recovering time compared to those ahead to reach the head of the race just 2 kilometers from the finish line.

Finally the German Sebastian Kienle got the victory with a 3 time: 38: 49 followed by    Pieter Heemeryck   (3:39:22) at 32 seconds and for Rodolphe Von Berg (3:39:47) occupying the third final position

Goal of Sebastian Kienle

There are no previous results.

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