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(VIDEO) Sebastian Kienle marks a 100-kilometer Test on the bike rolling at 43 km / h

The German wanted to share with all his followers the video of the test where he analyzes the test.

The German triathlete Sebastian Kienle, winner in Kona in 2014 and 3rd in 2019, has carried out a test coupled on his bike to collect aerodynamic data, sweat, etc. that will help him improve the points that he has not worked on in this confinement.

In the end, Kienle completed 100 kilometers in 2:18, which means rolling an average of 43,4 km / h.

«When do you miss your racing suit and your aerodynamic helmet so much?

I did a 100k TT with my partner 2PEAK and also used it to collect some aerodynamic and sweat data.

Riding a bike is always fun, especially when you're race ready and all set to go fast.»


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