An American Triathlete victim of kidnapping in Cozumel

At the end of his participation in the fifth edition of IRONMAN in Cozumel, José Ramírez, from the United States, was the victim of a kidnapping


We echo this news published on the website , where he tells the story of a kidnapping done to an 72 triathlete years after competing in the Ironman of Cozumel.



José Ramírez, Athlete of 72 years of age, is the victim of a virtual secustro after competing in the HOMBRE DE HIERRO last weekend.


At the end of his participation in the fifth edition of the IRONMAN from Cozumel, José Ramírez, from the United States, was the victim of a kidnapping by a subject who identified himself as a member of The Zetas, informed the Judicial Police (PJ) of the state.


As published by the portal, the athlete was rescued the afternoon of December 3, after the kidnapping that happened midnight on Sunday, when the competition ended, all this reported by the director of the police in the northern zone, Marco Antonio Sánchez.


The official commented that the triathlete was staying at the Flamingos hotel, when around midnight on Sunday 1 in December, he was contacted by a man.


The subject was presented as a member of the armed group Los Zetas through a mobile phone.


The offender threatened the athlete and asked him to leave the hotel and stay in another hotel, in addition to being instructed to buy a prepaid phone.


The supposed Zeta threatened Ramírez with death as well as his family if he did not comply with the instructions.


As ordered by the offender, the athlete settled into another hotel and gave him his wife's phone number in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Immediately, the subject contacted the athlete's family and, initially, demanded the amount of 10 thousand dollars.


However, the athlete negotiated with the offender and, finally, deposited 14 one thousand pesos in 14 different bank accounts from the Scotiabank branch on the island.


The deputy director of the PJ, Sánchez Sánchez, reported that the athlete's family contacted the United States authorities after the threat and that the FBI coordinated with the State Attorney General's Office (PGJE) to address the matter.


The athlete was found on Tuesday around the 16: 00 hours, completely healthy but emotionally affected by the situation.

He said that agents of the PJ conducted a search operation in all the hotels in the city, after verifying that the athlete had not left the island.


José Ramírez, of Puerto Rican origin and based in the United States, has competed for five occasions in the HOMBRE DE HIERRO in different cities, but this is the first time he has competed in the circuit of the island of Cozumel.


He is a retired policeman from New York City and since his retirement he practices triathlon.


In this Sunday's race he crossed the finish line in second place in his category from 70 to 77 years old.

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